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May we ask you a question? We promise it won’t be hard to answer, and we won’t be offended by your answer. Soooo, can we ask you the question? Great! Here goes…

“Why Don’t You Read The Bible More?”

We know you weren’t expecting that to be the question. But hey, we’re curious – not nosy, there is a difference :) – and hope you will give us an answer anyway. So, why don’t you read the Bible more?

(Don’t worry; your responses are not linked to you in any way. So please check all that apply…)

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Thank you for your answer. And if you checked the last box remember, we weren’t offended! :)

Seriously though, regardless of your reasons for not reading the Bible more, you are not alone. According to the Barna Research Group,1

“…57% do not read the Bible at all during a typical week.”

This Is Shocking!


Let The WORD Speak! wants to decrease that statistic and increase the number of people who read the Bible in a typical week. ‘How’, you ask? Through Bible studies and other methods that not only teach how to read the Bible with your eyes, but how to LISTEN to the text so you can accurately HEAR what the text is saying and eliminate misunderstandings, mistakes, misjudgments, miscommunications, and myths about God and His word. But that’s not all. Then you will explore relevant, practical ways to apply what the Word says “DO” in your daily life. So we invite, no, challenge you to take a journey of discovery with us through the Bible and begin to Let The WORD Speak! into your life today!

Will You Accept Our Challenge and Join Us?

Yes! I accept your challenge and I’m ready to start my journey of discovery!

Great! Then let’s get started…”

First, click the ‘I Want My FREE Study’ button above , then put your name and email in the boxes. Once we receive your information and verify your request, you’ll be given immediate access to our FREE Bible study titled: “Discovering God in Psalm 23“, and we are on our way! “Wahoooo!”

No, not today. Although I am intrigued by what you shared. Maybe I’ll join you another day.

We pray that you will. In fact, will you do one thing before you go? Please bookmark our page so you can find us again in the future. Would you do that, please? Great! We still invite you to enter your name and email in the form above and get a FREE copy of our study “Discovering God in Psalm 23” (to read at your leisure) as our “Thanks” for taking the time to answer our question when we first met. :)

Whatever your decision is, we at Let The WORD Speak! look forward to the opportunity to be a servant and share the love of Christ with you starting today, or in the future!

Be Blessed!

Rebecca Franklin              

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1Jefferies Jr, R. (2009, January 11). Motivations for Bible Reading in 2009. Ashland Announcer.